Source: Sandia National Laboratories
Date: 7/1/95    Record No.: 10146
Contact: Marjorie Tatro, 505-844-3154

Activities in all aspects, from cell development to system applications. Work closely with industry on technology development for crystalline silicon cells and modules and other systems components (e.g., inverters, battery charge controllers and controls), and with the systems integration industry and users through the PV Design Assistance Center. The Center did a thorough evaluation of existing installations and identified new opportunities for the National Park Service. They have an extensive publications list (including some on utility interconnection issues), and provide support to project developers here and abroad.

In the past, Sandia had a number of partnerships under an initiative on concentrators, but chose not to support this work when funding levels were reduced in 1993. The only concentrator effort funded through FY94 was the low concentration line focus concept advanced by SEA Corp.

In one-sun cell development, Sandia emphasizes crystalline silicon, working on cell designs and processes. (NREL tends to be more involved in advanced materials and thin film.) Sandia believes their broad resources in manufacturing are valuable, bringing optimized high temperature processes, surface treatments and reduced waste streams to the manufacturers of cells. (DU, Distributed Utilities)