Battery Programs
Source: Sandia National Laboratories
Date: 7/1/95    Record No.: 10141
Contact: Joan Woodard, 505-845-9917

Battery Programs
Battery programs now reside in the Energy Components Center, along with work in explosives and neutron generators, though personnel will continue their close coordination with the Electronics Center.

There are four closely related battery development groups at Sandia, each with a different emphasis. The department heads form a coordinating team.
Dan Doughty, Battery Programs, 505-845-8105
Ken Grothaus, Battery Research, 505-844-1654
Dennis Mitchell, Battery Development, 505-844-8656
Paul Butler, Testing Program, 505-844-7874

Full range of performance, abuse, failure, and qualification testing. Extensive facilities.

- Work in Zinc/Silver Oxide, Sodium Sulfur, Zinc Air, Zinc Bromine, Advanced Lead Acid, Nickel Hydrogen, Nickel Cadmium, Lithium/Sulfur Dioxide, Supercapacitors.
- USABC CRADA, with automakers, lithium rechargeable battery development and testing.
- Implantable long-life battery development for medical application.
- Battery Technology Initiative--funds-in CRADA with 4 companies for consumer batteries.
- Ultracapacitor--thin film to get 1000 F in a D cell.
- Reserve Batteries--primary energy sources; one-shot devices activated by external means. For weapons systems; not likely to have commercial application. (DU, Distributed Utilities)