Strategic Environmental Management
Source: Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Date: 8/1/95    Record No.: 10194
Contact: Gary Morgan, 509-375-2373

Strategic Environmental Management
Battelle Labs (contract manager of PNL) offers consulting in Strategic Environmental Management, which helps companies get beyond the reactive mode and into a proactive "competitive-advantage-mode" for managing their environmental issues.

They and PNL have an initiative to put together the "Industrial Consortium for Environmental Standards, Science and Technology" (ICES). This is a novel approach to creating networks of already existing groups to be a part of the international ISO 14000 efforts. [If you're familiar with ISO 9000--the European total quality program that the US just waited to get hit by, this is the environmental analog, being vigorously pursued in 24 countries without government involvement! There is an ad hoc network of US participants, and ICES is a way to get linked into it.]