Planning & Analysis -- Organizational Consulting for the Utility Industry
Source: Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Date: 8/1/95    Record No.: 10190
Contact: Ron Nesse, 509-376-4217;\\\\Jon Olson, (Seattle), 206-528-3200

Planning & Analysis -- Organizational Consulting for the Utility Indus...
Until the most recent reorganization (7/95), the Technology Planning & Analysis Center (TPAC) was a part of Battelle matrixed to PNL, with some staff located in Richland and a group in Seattle. As of this writing, the designation TPAC is no longer operative. Many of the people have been assigned to the new Energy Division and some to the Environment Division.

The focus is management of technology, as distinct from technology itself, supporting DOD and DOE in policy, system models, technology assessment, organization design, human factors and legal and regulatory analysis. (Battelle Columbus has a separate commercial consulting practice that does "Technology Management." Due to common interests, there's a fair amount of informal collaboration, but no direct reporting relationship.)

The Seattle group focuses more on private industry than do the people in Columbus, and has specifically targeted the utility industry, manufacturing, and biotech. Noting the dramatic changes, new pressures and new business options utilities are facing, they offer services in organizational effectiveness, process redesign, implementation, and leadership training. In addition to on-site consulting and training, they offer training courses and seminars. The group also does Human Factors and Social Research Support of the Nuclear Industry--safety analyses, plant aging, and procedures design for nuclear utilities here and abroad.