Visualization of power system Model results
Source: Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Date: 8/1/95    Record No.: 10183
Contact: Landis Kannberg, 509-375-3919; John DeSteese, 509-375-2057; John Hauer, 509-375-4340

Visualization of power system Model results
In comparing model-based vs. data-based analysis, it's been noted that the models tend to be more pessimistic about system behavior when problems occur. Operators need to be able to visualize model outputs, so they can understand, interpret and compare. PNL has applied commercially available visualization packages to represent power system simulation results. As one example, a graphics tool has been used to display output from the Extended Transient Midterm Stability package (ETMSP) from EPRI. This is seen as a first step toward a fully graphic-based interface where one environment provides data entry, simulation control and analysis, so that using the models will no longer require separate procedural steps.