Superconducting Transformer Evaluation with HTSCs
Source: Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Date: 8/1/95    Record No.: 10179
Contact: Landis Kannberg, 509-375-3919; John DeSteese, 509-375-2057; John Hauer, 509-375-4340

Superconducting Transformer Evaluation with HTSCs
HTSC takes the view that discrete devices like transformers are a better application of superconductors than transmission lines. They found that HTSC transformers would be viable even with a conventional HTSC stability design, in the 30-1000 MVA range. ABB will build one in Europe next year. A likely early justification would be for use as a transportable spare.

PNL suggests an interesting first step: start by cooling an existing conventional Cu transformer with liquid nitrogen, gaining a 2x increase in power density. The next step is to redesign.
(A preprint is available from DeSteese, titled "High Temperature Superconducting Transformer Evaluation").