Decision Support for Plant Operation & Maintenance (DSOM)
Source: Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Date: 8/1/95    Record No.: 10172
Contact: Don Jarrell, 509-372-4096; Dick Meador, 509-372-4098

Decision Support for Plant Operation & Maintenance (DSOM)
PNL has fully developed this AI software system that provides on-line engineering expertise to assist operators and maintenance personnel. It uses a proven root-cause analysis methodology, RCM techniques, plant aging experience and advanced instrumentation technology, all in an easy to use GUI package.

The first major application, in use at two military bases for their central heating plants, is saving $ millions in the first year alone. (The Marine Corp had asked them to help with aging, poorly performing plants, based on PNL's earlier work on root-cause analysis for the military.)

A second application, already developed, is a Pump Motor Diagnostic Model, that provides operators (not engineers) with diagnostics that recognize stresses early, before failure. It uses fuzzy logic and neural net analysis of existing sensor data.

The capabilities appear to go well beyond anything else that is commercially offered, providing a far more sophisticated and complete solution.

A brochure on DSOM (pronounced "dee som") is available from PNL:

* A new service business opportunity for utilities -- putting this system in at commercial and industrial central heating facilities (a typical site requires several man months to set up). It's all ready to go.

* The capability could be applied to any process, utility or customer. PNL could help develop applications.

* Applicable to utility power plant operations.

* Perhaps a good place to start a T&D RCM development.