Management Analysis Program (MAP)
Source: Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Date: 8/1/95    Record No.: 10170
Contact: Linda Fassbender; 509-372-4352

Management Analysis Program (MAP)
MAP has been instrumental in the ongoing reorganization and strategic planning process for the Office of Energy Management in the DOE Office of Utility Technology. MAP facilitated a stakeholder meeting (4/94), provided issue background analyses, and prepared a Strategic Plan document. The Issue papers offered a succinct analysis of economic, environmental, regulatory, institutional and technological trends and issues in the energy industry for Hydrogen, Electricity, Thermal Energy, and Natural Gas. A second stakeholder meeting was planned for mid 1995; however, it was postponed pending the outcome of higher level DOE reorganization and budgetary uncertainties. DOE and PNL want a far greater participation by the utility industry in these deliberations in the future. (DU, Distributed Utilities)