Distributed Utility (DU)
Source: Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Date: 8/1/95    Record No.: 10169
Contact: Rob Pratt, 509-375-3648

Distributed Utility (DU)
PNL was part of the group (with EPRI, NREL, and PG&E) that started an informal collaboration to study DU. PNL's work was funded by internal "lab directed R&D" (LDRD) money. One of the staff (Kannberg) went on loan to PG&E for a time, to manage the overall effort. Their particular interest is on the effect that implementing a lot of DU resources would have on stability and performance of the transmission system.

PNL did a DU Feeder Analysis for PG&E, using a "synthetic" load data set for each feeder. Based on load duration curves for a given feeder, they estimated the amount of distribution asset deferral possible from adding DU resources to trim the peak load, until load growth becomes overwhelming. This effort included the development of a short term load forecast using load shapes and cluster analysis to generate typical customer profiles. This was used to estimate the potential for DU and DSM and the value of retail distribution wheeling. (DU, Distributed Utilities)