Kalina Cycle
Source: GE Power Systems
Date: 9/1/95    Record No.: 10203
Contact: Ed Beardsworth, 415-328-5670

Kalina Cycle
Kalina is back in the news: GE Power Systems is searching for a site to build a commercial-scale demonstration plant to show the benefits of the Kalina Cycle. The plant will probably generate 40 Mw to 140 Mw, and it will feature a GE gas turbine and a GE ammonia/steam vapor turbine in the 15-Mw to 50-Mw range. GE wants to put the plant into operation by 1998. [Turbomachinery Int'l 7/95-8/95, V. 36, No. 4, P. 11.] The San Jose Mercury ran a story and interview with Kalina back in June. Let me know if you'd like a copy. (fossil, energy conversion)