NUCLARR (Nuclear Computerized Library for Assessing Reactor Reliability)
Source: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Date: 10/1/95    Record No.: 10245
Contact: Wendy Reece, 208-526-9933

NUCLARR (Nuclear Computerized Library for Assessing Reactor Reliabil...
This is a database for probabilistic risk assessment that includes human error probabilities as well as hardware failure data, and allows full treatment of human performance along with hardware performance in PRAs. Originally funded by the NRC, it is now owned by INEL, which maintains it on behalf of a paying users' group of utilities and engineering firms.

Also for the NRC, programs include risk impact of new technologies (e.g., are new technologies necessarily better?), modeling and evaluation of human performance in medical applications, and detailed human factors events investigations at commercial nuclear power plants.

For DOE there is work in safety analysis at DOE facilities, display design and development, and human reliability analysis. For the US Coast Guard, INEL developed taxonomies and methods for event investigations, and for the Air Force, they applied verbal protocol analysis in the development of cognitive models for pilot situation awareness.

In designing the human-computer interface, experience and knowledge can make an important difference in optimizing performance. For example, dark lettering on a light background is far preferable to the reverse, which nevertheless is too often used. INEL provides guidance in the design of CRT displays and the design of the control room for the advanced test reactor.