Simulator based on RELAP5
Source: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Date: 10/1/95    Record No.: 10243
Contact: Jim Bryce, 208-526-8231

Simulator based on RELAP5
In current training simulators, the modeling of extreme accidents is not as detailed as it might be, and can lead to unrealistic situations. INEL is forming a CRADA with a vendor to develop a simulator that would use RELAP5, with SCDAP severe accident code taking over the simulation of the plant behavior after a fuel melt. Utilities could get involved early in this program.

There is a significant trend toward risk-based regulation, and towards a more collaborative and less confrontational relationship between plant operators and regulators. Licensees/ operators who understand this and learn how to make it work for them will save money. INEL is a technical advisor to the NRC, which has done two policy papers outlining this concept. Licensees have an opportunity to maximize the value of this to themselves, and to propose new maintenance plans based on their recent IPEs (individual plan examination).