Supercritical Water Oxidation
Source: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Date: 10/1/95    Record No.: 10235
Contact: John Collins, 208-526-3372

Supercritical Water Oxidation
Water at 3200 psi and 700 F is used to destroy organic materials. INEL has a benchscale unit, and several commercial companies have pilot plants. Some practical problems remain to be solved. INEL has led the DOE effort to develop this technique to treat hazardous mixed waste. With INEL's unique off gas treatment, the process boasts near-zero discharge ("closed cycle"), and is being actively pursued for application for pulp and paper sludge, halogenated hydrocarbons, and radioactive organic resins. An international symposium sponsored by DOE/EM and organized by INEL was held in Florida in February, and proceedings are available.