Demand Control Ventilation System (DCVS) - "Smart ventilation"
Source: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Date: 10/1/95    Record No.: 10232
Contact: Jane Clemmensen, 208-526-2915

Demand Control Ventilation System (DCVS) - "Smart ventilation&q...
Indoor Air Quality is a growing concern to commercial/industrial customers and building owners, and the current ASHRAE standard 62-89 is energy intensive and has high first and operational costs, as the only way currently to meet standards is with high air-change rates.

Using internal R&D funds, INEL has begun an initiative to develop systems of hardware, software, sensors and controls that would monitor actual levels of CO2, NO2, SO2, VOCs, humidity, etc., and thereby set ventilation rates to control actual air quality rather than at arbitrary high rates. Also, other specific countermeasures can be undertaken.

INEL is looking for HVAC and other industrial partners and utility collaborators, to help advance this concept as a new aspect of "smart buildings".