Site Assessment and Restoration
Source: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Date: 10/1/95    Record No.: 10231
Contact: Bob Breckenridge, 208-526-0757

Site Assessment and Restoration
A practical approach has been developed to identify important environmental concerns that need to be addressed during exploration, development and restoration of a site. It also can be applied to previously developed sites, and should improve the relationship between developers and regulators. It incorporates understanding of important ecological and environmental concepts, working to maximize the ecological potential rather than attempt to restore a site that has been denuded of native ecological resources.

In one major application on Air Quality in Class 1 Wilderness Areas in the Northwest (for the "Western Energy Storage and Transmission Consortium" involving several utilities), a Kepner-Tregoe decision technique was used to develop criteria and evaluate indicators to assess potential associations between utility emissions and the air quality and condition of ecological resources in Class I wilderness areas. The significance of this is that by-the-book compliance with all monitoring requirements would be both absurdly expensive and unproductive, and a more pragmatic and scientifically credible program would be far preferable for all concerned. (Environmental Assessment Technologies; Characterization)