Source: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Date: 10/1/95    Record No.: 10218
Contact: Richard Rice, 208-526-1992; David Weinberg, 208-526-4274

LIFE EXTENSION and operating cost reduction, based on INEL's long experience in doing this for their own reactors. NOTE: refineries have very similar problems and goals as power plants-- extend life, improve efficiency, minimize wastes, increase reliability and reduce operating costs. Oil companies are beginning to embrace these goals more actively. See discussion below on applicability of INEL capabilities to power plants and other complex systems.

Other refinery related work deals with processing; e.g., handling heavier higher sulfur fuels, separations, improved catalysts, process modeling. Also measurements and control; e.g., measurement of feedstock chemical composition in real time (directly relevant to power plants, especially coal), leak detection, multi phase metering, and in-service inspection techniques. (Advanced Fossil Fuel Products)