INEL Fuel Cell
Source: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Date: 10/1/95    Record No.: 10210
Contact: Paul Lessing, 208-526-8776; Dennis Cheney 208-526-9557

INEL Fuel Cell
Several innovations have been demonstrated with the goal of making a 20-100 kW solid oxide fuel cell for disbursed power applications such as remote ranches, factories and homes. The innovations are a cell interconnect layer and fuel manifold that is also a catalyst for internal reforming of hydrocarbon fuels, furnace brazing between cells, and layered thin film fabrication via liquid injected plasma. Several patents have been filed, but a fairly low profile has been maintained vis a vis the fuel cell community.

INEL is looking for cooperative research partners who will assist in funding research. INEL has not licensed any intellectual property or distribution rights. These would go to CRADA partners. (DU, Distributed Utilities)