Source: Capstone Turbine Corp.
Date: 11/1/95    Record No.: 10266
Contact: Mike Irvine, 818-774-9600

A 24 kW unit weighs only 165 lbs. and could be mass produced for $2000. The turbine and the generator are on the same rotor shaft (the only moving part), and it burns diesel, natural gas or gasoline. Low emissions. Originally designed for a hybrid vehicle application, it may represent a breakthrough for distributed generation.

It appears to be as good as it sounds--rugged and reliable, low emissions, excellent part load performance, and cogen ready. Well funded company poised for takeoff and looking for distributors. A number of utilities are already lining up. Southern Calif Edison has ordered a number of units for test. This may turn out to be the distributed generator of choice. I have a flyer I can send you, or call: Capstone Turbine Corp., Tarzana CA, 818-774-9600, Mike Irvine, VP of marketing.

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