International Climate Change Exhibit
Source: United Nations
Date: 3/1/96    Record No.: 10300
Contact: Roy Woodbridge, 613-789-1660

International Climate Change Exhibit
The International Climate Change Technology Exhibit will be held as part of the second Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP2), Geneva, Switzerland, July 8-18, 1996.

Participation in the exhibit will provide you with a unique opportunity to meet key decision-makers from around the world who set priorities and implement national and global climate change projects.

Some 1500 delegates will attend COP2, including members of national delegations, international financial institutions and United Nations and inter-governmental organizations.

The exhibit is being organized by the Government of Canada, in cooperation with the Climate Change Secretariat. Its purpose is to encourage an exchange of ideas between delegates and exhibitors on the role of proven technologies, services and project concepts that help control greenhouse gas emissions.

Exhibits will include technologies that reduce all forms of greenhouse has emissions (CO2, CH4, N2O) across all relevant industrial sectors. Most are expected to target energy efficiency and energy substitution or the reduction, capture and reuse/conversion of greenhouse gasses.

The exhibit will consist of between 15-20 booths through which three groups of exhibitors will be rotated during the period of the COP. Thus a maximum of 60 organizations from around the world will be able to participate.

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