Resonant Snubber Inverter
Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Date: 3/1/96    Record No.: 10297
Contact: Frank Juan, 423-576-8540

Resonant Snubber Inverter
Oak Ridge has developed a new advanced Resonant Snubber Inverter with considerably improved part load performance. (Inverter development had been focused on HVDC, but now the effort is shifted to lower voltages.) While part load performance is less of an issue in many applications, it can be quite significant in solar and electric vehicles, where the system operates at part load much of the time. Adjustable speed drives may also benefit from this technology. The ORNL inverter is 80% efficient at low speeds and 98% at high speeds, vs. more typical performance of 60-70% and 94%. The device is much smaller and should be cheaper than conventional inverters and have much reduced waveform distortion and interference. Jason Lai is the inventor of this "resonant snubber" inverter. Contact Frank Juan, 423-576-8540.

Sandia has looked at inverters that have failed in use, and DOE is continuing to support the work at PNNL on the multi input inverter, which interestingly was first developed for MHD.

Topics: END USE, T&D, DU