Industries of the Future Program
Source: DOE/Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT)
Date: 3/1/96    Record No.: 10289
Contact: Kurt Sisson, 202-586-0139

Industries of the Future Program
Industries of the Future Program focuses on seven industries where technology can yield the biggest returns: Petroleum refining, chemicals, forest products, steel, aluminum, foundries and glass. It brings together the technical resources of all the national labs in what is called a "virtual lab" concept, and works with those industries to develop "vision" statements, and establishes plans to solve their important problems and opportunities.

Kurt Sisson, Acting Director, 202-586-0139
Bruce Cranford, Chemicals, 202-586 -9496
Tom Foust, Forest Products, 202-586-0198
Douglas Kaempf, Metal Casting 202-586 -5264
Susanne Leonard, Glass, 202-586-6108
Matt McMonigle, Aluminum, 202-586-2082
Dan Wiley, Refineries, 202-586 -2099

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