Developing Efficient Industrial Technologies
Source: DOE/Office of Industrial Technologies (OIT)
Date: 3/1/96    Record No.: 10288
Contact: Denise Swink, 202-586-9232; Marsha Quinn, 202-586-2097

Developing Efficient Industrial Technologies
OIT has a wide-ranging series of programs to support the development of efficient industrial technologies and process systems, to help U.S. industrial productivity and competitiveness. OIT funds R&D at the national labs, universities and industry in bioprocessing, catalysis, separations (membranes), sensors, CFCC's, combustion, materials, cogeneration, and solar industrial technology, and in processes for each of the industries listed below. This technical work forms the basis of a vigorous outreach through "partnering" programs. Utilities could be very effective in bringing these resources to the attention of their industrial customers. Contact Marsha Quinn, 202-586-2097, Director, Technology Access
- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse: 1-800-DOE-EREC
- Internet: http://www.eren.doe/industry/
- To receive the quarterly newsletter, "Benefits and Breakthroughs," contact Nicki Malenfant, NREL, 303-275-3632. The first (Summer '95) issue gives a good overview of programs.
- "Impacts" (October '95 ) catalogs what is available from the results of OIT-funded projects, and there is also a new series of product sheets called "Bottom Line."