Fossil Energy (FE)
Source: DOE
Date: 3/1/96    Record No.: 10283
Contact: Victor Der 301-903-2700

Fossil Energy (FE)
The reorganization of DOE Fossil Energy to a "lines-of-business" structure that has been in the works for over 2 years is to go into effect in April, if Congress approves. Cross-cutting teams will address advanced research, communications, and environment, health and safety.

Victor Der is expected to head the "Power" business. He is in very much a learning mode about the implications of utility industry restructuring for new fossil capacity additions and for potential changes in the Federal role in fossil energy more generally.

At the DOE level, as part of the ongoing effort to reinvent the agency, four strategic alignment areas have been defined: National Security (nuclear materials), Environment, Energy, and Administration. "Energy" is to be overseen by the "Energy Resources Board" headed by Kyle Simpson who reports to Charles Curtis, and including Fossil, Energy Efficiency, the Energy Information Administration, and with Energy Research represented on the Board.

The FE domestically is focused heavily on the commercialization of the Clean Coal technology, and internationally on helping to increase volumes and lower costs for "appropriate" technology to help U.S. firms export. Fossil O&M is not addressed in the program, except as it underlies many of the development goals for new technology.

FE Communications is headed by Bob Porter (202) 586-6503.
FE published about 150 new "Fact Sheets" last year, and currently is updating and adding to them. These will all appear on FE's Internet WWW page. Later this year, information will be added on all 600 active R&D projects, along with full text of technical reports.

There is also a "Fax-on-Demand" service (call 202-586-4300), and a less-well-known "Fax-Out" service, which sends announcements and news on chosen topics to whoever is on the list.

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