Photovoltaic Services Network (PSN)
Source: UFTO Bulletin #22
Date: 5/1/96    Record No.: 10353
Contact: Kirk Stokes or Pat Saito at the NEOS Corp, Lakewood CO. Tel 303-980-1969

Photovoltaic Services Network (PSN)
Photovoltaic Services Network (PSN) is an independent not-for-profit organization of electric utilities that provides assistance, education and in effect a "buyer's club" focused on off-grid PV applications. It was started by several rural electric cooperatives in the West, primarily concerned with serving isolated loads (e.g. livestock watering). There are now 44 members, including about 9 investor owned utilities.

Recently they solicited bids for systems, for both residential and water pumping, and have assembled a catalog of 10 "prequalified" suppliers. The emphasis is on complete manufactured systems rather than components. The have several kinds of subscription and membership options ranging from a $150/year information service to $500/year utility membership to a $5,000/year Sponsorship.

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