Hydrogen Technology
Source: Savannah River Site
Date: 5/1/96    Record No.: 10350
Contact: James Knight, 803-725-1089; Ted Motyka, 803-725-3665

Hydrogen Technology
Hydrides, fuel cells, refrigeration, EV

"HyTech" is a new "virtual laboratory" centered at the Savannah River Technology Center, focused on development of new hydrogen technology. It draws on the resources of over 80 scientists and 40 groups at SRTC. As the nation's primary Tritium production and technology facility since 1955, in support of defense and environmental programs, SRS has tremendous expertise and capabilities which makes possible a tremendous synergy with commercial hydrogen programs. For example, their Replacement Tritium Facility is the single largest use of metal hydride technology. HyTech anticipates important new developments for storage, composite membranes for separation, sensors, hydrogen production, materials compatible with hydrogen, and even a novel new metal hydride high-COP heat-pump refrigerator concept.

Keywords: hydrogen