Environment Permitting and Compliance
Source: Savannah River Site
Date: 5/1/96    Record No.: 10347
Contact: Chuck Hayes, 803-725-8838

Environment Permitting and Compliance
SRS has a great many facilities and processes requiring active attention to environmental permitting and compliance. They have developed a strong capability to keep track of all the complex requirements; i.e., to ensure compliance with regulations and to monitor and document the impact of operations on the environment and coordinate all contact with regulators, while maximizing the Site's overall programmatic goals.

Water, Wastewater & Surface Water: NPDES Permitting, construction permits, operational compliance (82 NPDES outfalls; 216 wastewater permits, 167 drinking water permits).
Air (CAA Mandates): NESHAP radionuclide and Asbestos, construction (any new source), compliance (200 air permits).
Solid & Hazardous Waste: prevention and minimization, permitting, operations and disposal compliance.
Environmental Restoration & Groundwater Protections: Waste site closures, CERCLA, etc. (over 300 CERCLA/RCRA waste units).

Because the Site has such a wide range of situations, they often must come up with creative solutions and approaches to deal with unusual permitting applications. In some cases, site-wide permitting has been successful, and they sometimes use "generic applications" that can be adapted to later changes.

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