Environmental Data Atlas
Source: Savannah River Site
Date: 5/1/96    Record No.: 10345
Contact: Hal Mackey, 803-725-5322

Environmental Data Atlas
This Integrated GIS for Environmental Applications provides efficient access to large amounts of diverse spatial information, including GIS and remotely sensed data relating to physical and man-made features. Spatial data keys link all data to a common geographical database. All data is accessible at the scientists' desktops, regardless of what type of computer they're using. The system incorporates both bibliographic and photographic data and scanned maps. It provides sophisticated browsing and modeling capabilities by taking advantage of the latest advancements in database, programming language and networking integration.
[Ref: "Design and Implementation of an Integrated GIS...", D. Cowen, et al., Photogrammatic Engineering and Remote Sensing, v 61, #11, Nov. 95, pp. 1393-1404.]

Keywords: GIS