Pipe Crawlers
Source: Savannah River Site
Date: 5/1/96    Record No.: 10324
Contact: W. Ivan Lewis, 803-725-3527; Greg Teese, 803-725-2051

Pipe Crawlers
Pipe Crawlers range from a 2" inspection device, to one that can adjust to varying pipe dimensions, and units for pipe diameters up to 24"-36" with ultrasonic inspection or welding capabilities:

FERRET (flowpath evaluation and reconnaissance by remote-field eddy-current testing) is an inspection device for small (2") diameter pipes, originally developed to negotiate multiple tight bend elbows in SRS's own storage tank cooling systems. It is propelled by the fluids already in the piping system. With its long-range (1000 ft.) and sophisticated electronics, it could be adapted to any number of applications, from leak detection to corrosion detection in buildings or plant systems.

The Elbow Cutting Pipe Crawler can remove sections of pipe in 36" ductwork, and is capable of crawling through 90 degree elbows and up vertical pipe, carrying lights, camera and plasma arc torch, able to cut 1/2" stainless steel. (ref: Nuclear News, Jan. '96, Vol. 39, No. 1)

In-Service Inspection Pipe Crawler and Carriage can negotiate up to 3 elbows and dynamically change to accommodate pipe diameters from 12"-16" carrying a 100 pound payload. It is tether-controlled and carries lights and an attachable inspection carriage with a 4 degree of freedom ultrasonic weld inspection device.