Energy Storage Association
Source: UFTO
Date: 8/13/96    Record No.: 10396
Contact: Jon Hurwitch, 301-951-3231, fax 301-951-3235

Energy Storage Association
The Utility Battery Group has now been renamed as the Energy Storage Association (ESA). The name change reflects a broader view to encompass flywheels, smes, and other energy storage technology. This year's chairman is Chuck Ward of Oglethorpe Power.

The next meeting is scheduled at Amelia Island (30 miles from Jacksonville, Florida) for November 11-13, coinciding with an EPRI/Oglethorpe meeting on power quality. The technical agenda will focus on power electronics, and include a tour of the PQ2000 Battery Storage Project in Homerville GA.

You should very seriously consider joining ESA if you haven't already, as a very effective way to keep informed and in the loop of developments in the rapidly emerging field, especially as it relates to UPS, power quality, and the prospect of real customer side storage. Currently, it is $1000 for a company membership, which also covers meeting registration fees.

The Executive Director is Jon Hurwitch, of Switch Technologies, Bethesda MD, 301-951-3231, fax 301-951-3235.