Whole Tree Energy
Source: UFTO
Date: 8/27/96    Record No.: 10401
Contact: Dave Ostlie,
Energy Performance Systems, Minneapolis MN
612-533-0503, fax 533-1530

Whole Tree Energy
Whole Tree Energy(tm) is a large-scale, baseload electrical energy production technology that is CO2 closed loop. The scale, cost, and efficiency of Whole Tree Energy(tm) rival those of the leading fossil fuel technologies. Optimally sized at 100-200 MW, its power could cost less than 4/kwh.

Fast-growing hybrid trees are grown, harvested and handled by special techniques, to provide the fuel for a patented electric energy conversion system that has almost no emissions and actually subtracts net carbon from the atmosphere (some carbon is sequestered in leaves and roots).

The entire system, from tree farming through generation of electricity, is in an advanced state of development. All the technology is proven, and much of it patented. Negotiations are underway for a power purchase contract for the first 50 MW power plant project. The firm has an aggressive business plan for international expansion, and is seeking investment capital and business partners in this highly responsible and profitable venture.

Additional information is available from the company.
(Also see the EPRI Journal, January 1994.)