Survey of Cold Fusion
Source: ENECO
Date: 9/20/96    Record No.: 10404
Contact: 801-593-2000

Survey of Cold Fusion
ENECO has completed a comprehensive review of the entire field of cold fusion, with emphasis on the current status of technical and commercial developments worldwide.

Sections of the report include:
- Summary of the history of cold fusion, with key dates and chronology
- Overview of the field
- Technological Approaches, covering more than a dozen major categories of devices, phenomenology and theory.
- Review of Key Players and Institutions
- Overview of Intellectual Property
- Recommendations and Proposal for Pooled Research Program

The intent of the survey is to raise the information level of utilities and other interested corporations to the point where they can intelligently decide whether to participate in ENECO's '97 Pooled Research Program. This program takes a very practical approach to use pooled funds to provide each participating organization with early, direct, hands-on experience with leading candidates for commercial applications. It will fund specific experiments and tests to confirm or deny key technical and scientific claims, thus positioning participants to establish their own business approaches and strategies with the benefit of superior information.

Price: $10,500 (Reduced to $9,500 for UFTO members, by special arrangement.)

Price includes three bound copies of the complete confidential report for the same organization.

Also included is an update/supplement to report on developments at the very important Cold Fusion conference, October '96 in Japan.

A more detailed description of the Survey and ENECO are available on request.
Contact ENECO at 801-583-2000, and ask for the Cold Fusion Survey Information Package. (Identify yourself as an UFTO member.)