DOE Public Meetings on Restructuring; O'Leary & CEOs meeting
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Date: 10/17/96    Record No.: 10406
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DOE Public Meetings on Restructuring; O'Leary & CEOs meeting
On September 7, during the EEI CEO Meeting in Chicago, there was an invitation only luncheon of DOE Secretary Hazel O'Leary and a number of utility industry CEOs. EPRI was present as well. The issue was reliability of the power system, and unconfirmed reports are that basically the message was "you fix it, or DOE will". (Echoes of 1965?)

Nothing has appeared in the press that I've seen, and DOE (Office of Policy) has nothing in writing to offer yet. Apparently, DOE is considering a proposal to create a new task force under the SEAB (Strategic Energy Advisory Board).


DOE Public Meetings on Restructuring
You may have received mailings about one or more of these four public input meetings. I just noticed a press release from PSE&G last week reporting their CEO's comments to the first meeting in New Jersey, and contacted DOE Office of Policy. The focus is LEGISLATION in connection with electric utility industry restructuring.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DOE Press Releases, R-96-144, September 27, 1996

DOE Sets Electricity Restructuring Meetings

First Two Regional Sessions Planned in New Jersey, New Mexico;
Public Input to Help Department Craft Restructuring Legislation

Input from four public meetings across the country will help the Department of Energy formulate electricity restructuring legislation that the Clinton Administration plans to submit to Congress next year.

"Many difficult issues must be addressed as we build a foundation for the new U.S. electricity industry," said U.S. Energy Secretary Hazel R. O'Leary, who will lead the first two meetings. "Public involvement will help ensure that the transition to electricity competition strengthens our nation's economy, protects the environment and improves the quality of life for all Americans."

To encourage public discussion on a wide range of restructuring issues, each meeting will focus on different topics. However, regional and local participants at each of the meetings can examine other topics related to electric industry restructuring. Dates, locations and times are:

Oct. 10, New Brunswick, NJ, area, 1:30-5:00 p.m., location to be announced

Focus: public purpose programs and issues, with particular emphasis on environmental protection, consumer interests, low-income assistance, retail choice and renewable energy.

Oct. 22, Santa Fe, NM, 3:00-6:00 p.m, Sweeney Convention Center

Focus: jurisdiction and rate regulation, with particular emphasis on stranded cost recovery, retail choice and state/federal jurisdiction. This session will follow the DOE/National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners meeting in Santa Fe.

Two more regional meetings will be held in mid-November.

(CHICAGO) One will explore issues related to reliability and producers, with particular emphasis on reform of the Public Utility Holding Company Act, regulation of affiliate transactions, retail and wholesale competition in regional markets, competition-related functions of independent transmission system operators and bulk power system reliability.

The final meeting (ATLANTA) will provide an opportunity to revisit the full set of issues involved in electricity industry restructuring.

Questions about these meetings can be directed to an information hotline

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