Room Temp Superconductors
Source: ROOTS
Date: 10/22/96    Record No.: 10387
Contact: Mark Goldes, 707-829-9391, fax 707-829-1002

Room Temp Superconductors

ROOTS --Room Temperature Superconductors, Inc. has a new investment offering memo, for further development and commercialization of their "Ultraconductor" polymers. As you may recall I sent you a fax in March '95 called "Breakthrough", describing this company. (New members--check the chron file in your binder. I'll resend you a copy if you'd like.)

ROOTS is making important progress. They've just been awarded a Phase 2 SBIR by the Air Force, based on results of their Phase 1 project. This work concentrates on thin film applications to enhance the performance of battery, fuel cell and capacitor applications. (The idea is to reduce intercell connection losses with this material, said to be many thousands of times more conductive than copper).

Contact Mark Goldes, ROOTS, Sebastopol CA 707-829-9391, fax 707-829-1002

ROOTS (Room Temperature Superconductor) of Sebastopol CA. Here is part of an offering memo which can be found on the web at

In your UFTO archives you'll find a memo I wrote dated March 25, 1995 about this company. They do seem to be making significant progress, and say privately that they are getting very quiet attention from some of the top players in the field of superconductivity. They're not in a position yet to handle big publicity, and hope they can keep things at a low profile for the time being.

Magnetic Power Inc. - MPI




An MPI subsidiary, Room Temperature Superconductors Inc. (ROOTS), has begun commercial introduction of polymer, room-temperature, superconductors, following a decade of quiet laboratory research. These polymers enable breakthrough efficiencies for a diverse range of electric systems and products, for example, to replace conventional copper wire and cable with plastic, superconducting, wire and cable.

MPI, the parent firm, is also readying near-term commercialization of technologically novel power generation and storage systems in which the Company has proprietary interests. Initially, these electric generation systems will address high-demand markets for residential, remote site and mobile power applications, including a recharge system for electric vehicles.

ROOTS Inc. has established the presence of very high conductivity in certain classes of polypropylene polymer films, and is actively developing applications for the film, while also working on making wire. The materials exhibit near zero resistivity, several orders of magnitude less than copper, from -450 to +390 degrees F.

ROOTS has completed a phase 1 SBIR with the Air Force, and began a Phase 2 contract in May.

Dr. James L. Smith, Chief Scientist at the Superconductivity Center at Los Alamos National Lab, has recently joined their Scientific Advisory Group, and has clearly indicated that he takes their work very seriously.

The company now has prepared a detailed development plan to build "ultraconductor" wire, one kilometer long, and they recently submitted a proposal for an NIST/ATP grant for $2 million.

This new plan provides the clearest picture of what is happening, including a readable outline of the theory. A copy can be obtained from ROOTS under a non-disclosure agreement.