Electrical energy storage/hydrogen production
Source: DOE SBIR
Date: 10/23/96    Record No.: 10378
Contact: Harley L. Heaton, 305-442-9966

Electrical energy storage/hydrogen production
This uses a solar heated furnace to drive water+ Br --> HBr reaction, and electrochemical cell using the reversible H + Br <--> HBr reaction to store and release electrical energy. Provides on peak electricity and H2 for sale. Have strong DOE support.

From 03-14-96 The Financial Times:
"Solar Reactor Technologies has entered into a $2.5m (#1.6m) co- operative agreement with the US Department of Energy for its system for producing renewable hydrogen and combined electrical storage. Hydrogen is generated by means of solar energy concentrated onto bromine and water which forms hydrogen bromide and oxygen. The former is then split at night using low cost off-peak electricity in an electrochemical cell to produce hydrogen, and regenerate the bromine. The end result is that water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, but using one third of the electricity required for conventional water electrolysis.

By storing extra hydrogen and bromine and recombining these in the cell, electricity is generated. This in effect permits the storage of off-peak power for use at any time. The system is potentially very attractive to large electrical consumers. However, the economic generation of hydrogen would also be very significant for vehicle companies looking to the longer- term future. BMW has been experimenting with hydrogen fueled vehicles since the late 1970s while Mercedes is one of a number of companies which is taking the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles very seriously."

This company is focused on the development and commercialization of renewable energy technologies. One of these is a patented solar-electrochemical system which links utility scale electrical energy storage with the production of hydrogen and oxygen from water. The system will provide peak electrical power and hydrogen with no greenhouse emissions. The process is competitive with existing combustion technologies. Sales potential for the electrical energy storage market in the U.S. is estimated at $100 -$200 million per year. To fund its commercialization program, the company is seeking a relationship with an investor and/or strategic partner.

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