Developing End-Use Technologies
Argonne-developed technologies can provide significant cost savings for the industrial energy user.

n Introduction

Argonne National Laboratory is a leader in the development of technologies for efficient industrial processes that use electrical power. Many of these innovations can result in significant energy or cost savings for the industrial end user.

A new chemical process, developed by Argonne and Metal Recovery Technologies, Inc., could save the steelmaking industry approximately $140 million in energy and raw materials costs and decrease the industry's cost for environmental compliance by $150 million. The largest source of zinc in the United States - the approximately 100,000 tons of steel scrap produced each year - could be "mined" by the new process, which removes 98% of the zinc coating from the scrap.

The U.S. refining industry's yield of gasoline could be increased by 3 to 7% by an advanced fluid catalytic cracking technology being developed by Argonne and its industrial partners, UOP and Chevron. By 2010, full market penetration of this advanced process technology would reduce annual U.S. crude oil use by 500 million barrels of oil and lower energy use by 0.24 quads (1 quad = 1015 Btu).

n Plasma Processes

Invented plasma dissociation process for treating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in refinery gases. The process replaces energy-intensive destruction of H2S.

Develop plasma processes that enhance catalyst preparation and reaction.

n Ultrasonic Processing

Apply ultrasonic energy to chemical processes and the treatment of environmental waste.

n Electrodialysis Separations Processes

Design systems for efficient chemical separation in which highly selective membranes replace high-energy purification.

n Recycling Technologies

Invented process to recover and reuse foams and plastics.

Created process for efficient separation of mixed materials (post-consumer waste).

Developed technology to remove zinc from metal scrap.

n Aluminum and Magnesium Production

Design and develop electrodes for increased durability and reliability.

n Contacts

For technical information, contact William Schertz, Argonne National Laboratory, Bldg. 362, 9700 South Cass Avenue, Argonne, Illinois 60439; phone: 630/252-6230; fax: 630/252-5132; e-mail:

For information on working with Argonne, contact Paul Eichamer, Industrial Technology Development Center, Argonne National Laboratory, Bldg. 201, 9700 South Cass Avenue, Argonne, Illinois 60439; phone: 800/627-2596; fax: 630/252-5230.

February 1998

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A new technology for converting galvanized steel scrap into clean scrap for steelmaking can save millions in the costs of energy, raw materials, and environmental compliance.